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Welcome to Nazareth School


NAZARETH NURSERY AND PRIMARY SCHOOL FESTAC TOWN, LAGOS, opened its doors to admit its first pupils. Since the first application forms been distributed on October 1982, the demand for places had been beyond all expectations and unfortunately but inheritable ,many were disappointed even before the construction of the school, his grace, Most Re. Anthony Ololiunmi Okogie, Archbishop of Lagos, had asked the congregation of Sister Maria Coate, and her assistant Sister Winifred Nacken had resided in Pacelli school for the build up to Christians Eve 1982, when they “moved house: to Festac Town accompanied by Sister Mary Noel Meehan, Regional superior of the Sisters of Charity. Sister Maria had considerable experience of teaching in school in England, and has spent over a year as vice-principal of St. Catherine Model School Surulere, in preparation for the opening of Nazareth School Festac. Very early on that opening day in January  10th 1983 Rev. Fr. Anolegbe blessed every classroom in the school and prayed for God loving care and protection over all pupils, teachers etc.

541 children were admitted and arranged in classes as follows.(Note names of the first staff of Nazareth School) -Mrs. Ubaka Class- NIA Pupils-25 , Mrs. Okonkwo Class-  NIB Pupils-43,Mrs. Ogodi Class- NIC Pupils-32, Mrs. Aledoghu Class- N2A Pupils-41,Mrs. Eke Pupils-43 Class- N2B, Mrs. Okoro Pupils-30 Class- Pres. A, Mrs. Ukah Pupils-38 Class- Pres. B, Mrs. Umanze Pupils-31 Class- P. 1A, Mrs. Chichi Pupils-42 Class- P. 1B, Mrs. Madueke Pupils-30 Class- P. 1C, Mrs. Udoenoh Pupils-41 Class- P. 2A, Mrs. Dakwa Pupils-42 Class- P. 2B, Mr. Sorfo Pupils-50 Class- P. 3, Mr. Boruedic Pupils-22 Class- P .4, Sister Winifred Pupils-31 Class- P. 5.Additional staff: Mrs. Baal was a member of staff from the beginning she acted as “floating” teacher, also as co-coordinator of Class work in the Nursery section.Sister Winifred was withdrawn from Primary 5 after one week as her series were required in the administration section of the school she was replaced in P.5. by Mrs. Victoria Owuna.Mr. Dan Anankwaah was employed on full time art teacher and one classroom was set aside as an Art room. Included in above photo are Mrs. Neg. Okonkwo and Mrs. Gloria Osu members of the administrative staff and Mrs. Okoye who served as substitute teacher up to the end of the girl term. Admission of public continued steadily so that by the 6th July the total No. on note was 625.Unfortunately the Headmistress, Sister Nama became ill and was obliged to return to Ireland for medical treatment (March 3, 1983) her observe sister Winifred became acting Headmistress.Sister Teresa Paul Camon joined the staff at the beginning of the second term she came on transfer from our Lady of Loude secondary school Uromi Sister Teresa Paul was mistress of singing and religion lessons throughout the school.


What we stand for


We imbibe very strict and consistent morals into our children. To differentiate what is right from wrong.


We create an enabling environment for learning and equip our teachers with the necessary tool for learning.

Extra Curricular

We take our children to see life outside the school environment. For them to be able to balance both academics and socials

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